Maxwell Project Services can completely create unique designs and make you business stand out of the crowd and get more heads turning. We have our own manufacturing warehouse to create and design you would like. We also provide in house modelling and design partnered with Mirai Technologies. Feel free to contact us about designing your next project.


Maxwell have setup for manufacturing and have a team that can build the most unique and complex designs. We take your designs and turn them into reality with quality and speed we provide a great service at a low and sustainable price and can ship all over Australia. If you are interested in turning your dream into a reality feel free to contact us.


Maxwell can provide an assembly and construction service. We will design, manufacture and construct on location this gives Maxwell a stream line service, so clients do not have to worry about production deadlines and know what stage production is at. Maxwell can deliver all over Australia and can handle maintenance of existing and new productions. If you are interested feel free to contact us.