Airport - Building a Better Way to Travel

At Maxwell, we know aviation. We plan, build and manage modern, landmark aviation projects that stand the test of time. From hangars to terminal renovations and people-mover systems, our team brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and innovation to all aspects of aviation construction. Our aviation experts are known for a thorough and collaborative pre-planning process that ensures minimal disruption for passengers as well as airport employees and management.

Maritime - Driving the Foundation of the Future

We plan, build, and manage the structures that our commercial ships to access, dock and step off into our state. From the largest wharfs and jetties to small pontoons, Maxwell has the experience, skill and foresight necessary to create mass-use structures that secure and move our economy plus stand the test of time. Our experienced planners work closely with all stakeholders to ensure minimal disruption and maximum efficiency during the build.

Commercial - Building the Engines of Our Economy

Our clients think big. We help them deliver. From corporate headquarters and urban high-rises to mixed-use shopping centres and government buildings, Maxwell plans, builds and manages some of the most challenging commercial structures. We apply our extensive experience and eye for detail to ensure that all facets of a project meld seamlessly, maximizing value while meeting the needs of our clients and their tenants.

Hospitality - Building an Unforgettable Experience

At Maxwell, we build experiences. From full-service convention centres and hotels to resorts, Maxwell plans, builds and manages some of the state’s most elegant leisure properties. We have worked alongside many of the biggest names in the hospitality industry to create unique travel and entertainment experiences. Whether it’s a five-star resort, a full-service convention centre hotel or a custom boutique hotel, Maxwell has mastered the process of delivering properties on fast-track schedules to meet client goals.